Avamel the Scavenger

Been play testing and working on making changes to the game. Some of the mechanics didn’t work quite how I imagined. Also, shards are tiny and hard to pick up, so I dumped them in favor of gems.

I really like how this game has come out so far. Some of my other games (I’m looking at you Down Time Adventures) seem not to be what I planned at all. I’ll work on them and keep going until it’s all done.

Game Crafters updated their website, and it looks way more snazzy. I haven’t really noticed a functionality change, which is nice (no relearning ATM.)


Games arrived today!

Too tired to make a long post. Play tested both Avamel the Scavenger and Down Time Adventures. It is a strange and wonderful feeling to see and touch the game you created in real life.

The printing and do-dads in the games look awesome. The rules need to be tweaked, but that’s no surprise. 🙂


I’m so happy they are here and we can play test them and yay! Happy Dance!

Played “Super Munchkin”

Super Munchkin is the super hero bit of the Munchkin series. It was fun, and a long-ish game. It took about an hour with 2 players. It’s sort of fun, but sort of mean too.

Both my partner and I are working on new games, and we agreed to play Super Munchkin as mean as possible to get a feel for how mean it really was. I felt guilty when I played mean things, but it gave us good ideas. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being meaner, I’d rate it at about a 7. You have to be lucky with the cards you get, and if you are you can inflict much mean-ness.

I’ll play it again.

For more info about this game, Visit: Board Game Geek

Played “The Battle of Beiden Pass”

This is a introduction to Legend of the Five Rings card game. For more information on the game, visit Board Game Geek.

I picked the Dragon deck, which battled against the Crab deck. It was a little confusing. My partner helped and taught me the rules, and it’s very complex. It’s a deck building game, and the combat seems more complex than Magic the Gathering system. I played MTG a few years ago, so it could be different.

I had fun, and am willing to learn more about this game, Legend of the Five Rings. I won’t buy new cards, but my partner has many many cards already. The theme/story in the cards is awesome. I also like the artwork.

Played “Talisman”

Good game, solid mechanics, fun game play  We randomly drew our characters from the stack, and lucked out on two great characters with good mechanics. (I got woodsman, partner got druid.)

It’s mostly based on luck, but it’s still fun. It was a long game, more than a couple of hours. It didn’t feel that long, so that’s a good thing.

I’ve played it before, and I’ll play it again. It’s a classic time-killer. 🙂

For more information on the game, visit : Board Game Geek

Played “Mystery at Hogwarts”

This game was good. Not at all like the “Quidditch” game we played a couple of days ago.

This seemed like a Harry Potter version of Clue, with a couple extra mechanics that fit both the game, and the setting. There is a ghost, and secret entrances  and spells to figure out. The learning curve is easy, specially if you have played Clue before.  This is an example of a good game in a book franchise!

I will play this game again, partially because it is fun, and partially because I love Harry Potter.

More Info on the game visit: Board Game Geek

Played “Dominos”

It was fun. We played a whole bunch of variations. They were all very quick, easy to understand, and we could chit chat while playing (not a lot of brain power used.)

I will play Dominos again in the future. Hopefully soon!

We have a 9×9 ceramic set with color coded dots. Which helped in some games, but totally didn’t in others. One variation we played that instead of matching you had to make the ends equal 5, 10 or 15. The different colors were a distraction then. Still fun 🙂