Games arrived today!

Too tired to make a long post. Play tested both Avamel the Scavenger and Down Time Adventures. It is a strange and wonderful feeling to see and touch the game you created in real life.

The printing and do-dads in the games look awesome. The rules need to be tweaked, but that’s no surprise. 🙂


I’m so happy they are here and we can play test them and yay! Happy Dance!


Update on my games

The nice people over at Game Crafter’s responded to my questions about the delay in my order. I’m being patient, and waiting for the lovely package of goodness to be shipped. (It’s hard to wait, I’m too excited).

I’m already attempting to put together two more games. It’s too early for sharing, but I’m having fun.

WIP Games

‘Avamel the Scavenger’, and ‘Down Time Adventures’ are both on their way to my house. I ordered the prototypes, and anxiously await their arrival.

‘RAWR i’m a monster’ is not yet ready for prototype, but is mostly done. All the artwork is complete, and uploaded, and the Rules are being finessed. The packaging is the least complete part, and that should be done in the next few days.

Hopefully this is the first of many posts, discussing the progress of Watyrfall Productions board games. 🙂