Played “Mutant Chronicles”

We played “Mutant Chronicles” today. My husband owned it, and played it many years ago. I had never really heard of it before today. (I knew we had a bunch of game in the closet under the stairs, but I didn’t have awareness of the game titles he brought.) 🙂

We dug it out of the closet, and set it up. The artwork is amazing, and detailed. There is a cool arch thingy that look awesome, but sort of gets in the way of actually playing (we set it to the side and didn’t use it at all.)

You beat bad guys up before they beat you up. Basically. There are minis (miniature sculptures) and custom six sided dice. There are a few floor tiles, and walls drawn on them. Simple, competitive, and a bit blood thirsty.

I might play it again when there are 5 players (the recommended number.) Otherwise I don’t really think it’s my kind of game.

More info on the game at Board Game Geek.


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