Played “Talisman”

Good game, solid mechanics, fun game play  We randomly drew our characters from the stack, and lucked out on two great characters with good mechanics. (I got woodsman, partner got druid.)

It’s mostly based on luck, but it’s still fun. It was a long game, more than a couple of hours. It didn’t feel that long, so that’s a good thing.

I’ve played it before, and I’ll play it again. It’s a classic time-killer. 🙂

For more information on the game, visit : Board Game Geek


Played “Mystery at Hogwarts”

This game was good. Not at all like the “Quidditch” game we played a couple of days ago.

This seemed like a Harry Potter version of Clue, with a couple extra mechanics that fit both the game, and the setting. There is a ghost, and secret entrances  and spells to figure out. The learning curve is easy, specially if you have played Clue before.  This is an example of a good game in a book franchise!

I will play this game again, partially because it is fun, and partially because I love Harry Potter.

More Info on the game visit: Board Game Geek

Played “Dominos”

It was fun. We played a whole bunch of variations. They were all very quick, easy to understand, and we could chit chat while playing (not a lot of brain power used.)

I will play Dominos again in the future. Hopefully soon!

We have a 9×9 ceramic set with color coded dots. Which helped in some games, but totally didn’t in others. One variation we played that instead of matching you had to make the ends equal 5, 10 or 15. The different colors were a distraction then. Still fun 🙂

Played an awful Harry Potter game

So yeah, “Quidditch The Game” is awful horrible no good very bad.

It is the definition of a ‘cash-cow’ game board that wasn’t play tested, doesn’t make sense, and it’s not fun at all.

For more information on the specific game : visit

The art is beautiful, and feel very much like Harry Potter art. The mechanics of the game are very very bad. If everything goes perfect, and each side only has two players, you still must keep playing to a possible 25 rounds. There are 100 tiny tokens, which are tedious to set up. Then you must land a chaser or seeker to turn them over, and you can only turn two over a turn (if you are lucky). There is one snitch in the 100 tokens. It’s a nightmare.

Don’t get me started on the quaffel and the hoops. That’s madness – infuriating madness.

Do not play. I know we won’t ever play it again. We might sell it, since it is a bit of a collector thingy (which is why I bought it in the first place, back in 2000.)

Played “Mutant Chronicles”

We played “Mutant Chronicles” today. My husband owned it, and played it many years ago. I had never really heard of it before today. (I knew we had a bunch of game in the closet under the stairs, but I didn’t have awareness of the game titles he brought.) 🙂

We dug it out of the closet, and set it up. The artwork is amazing, and detailed. There is a cool arch thingy that look awesome, but sort of gets in the way of actually playing (we set it to the side and didn’t use it at all.)

You beat bad guys up before they beat you up. Basically. There are minis (miniature sculptures) and custom six sided dice. There are a few floor tiles, and walls drawn on them. Simple, competitive, and a bit blood thirsty.

I might play it again when there are 5 players (the recommended number.) Otherwise I don’t really think it’s my kind of game.

More info on the game at Board Game Geek.

Played “In A Pickle”

“In a Pickle” is a fun word game. My husband said he likes this type of word game because there isn’t any spelling required :).

We played it two players, with the alternate rules as suggested for two players. The only trouble we had was when one of us challenged the other (a game mechanic when the player being challenged must defend their play), there were just the two of us to figure it out. Can’t really vote our way to any conclusion.

It’s a fun simple game, and didn’t require lots of time or brain power. We played two games in about 45 minutes. I’d be happy to play it again, with two or more players.

For more info about the game, visit Board Game Geek.